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Teacher and Pupil

Create Space KC is YOUR space

If you're thinking of teaching a class at Create Space KC, hosting a club or meeting, or just want more info, we'd love to chat. Our goal is to offer competitive space rental rates, flexible schedules, and a little help spreading the word about your awesome class offerings!

Creating Space for YOU

Art classes belong in vibrant neighborhoods with lots of foot traffic. Your dance, music, knitting, and improv classes deserve a fun space with affordable rental rates and a family of like-minded folks. Renting space at Create Space is like getting a room at the library with a few extras to help get your class going.  Our community is designed to help you reach new audiences and bring your passion to more people in the world.

Whether you're a seasoned teacher looking for a new venue or just starting to share what you love, please reach out and let us know what you're thinking! I'm sure we can Create Space that works for you.

Our rates start at $15/hour for off-peak hours and $25/hour for busy evening and weekend times for regularly scheduled classes. Sporadic classes and one-time events are slightly more per hour.  All classes and events are listed on our website calendar instructing students on how best to reach you and pay you. 

The most successful teachers at Create Space KC have an audience they can tap into and they give themselves time to spread the word about their class.  If you aren't used to planning and marketing classes and events on your own, we have tools to help walk you through this process.


 If you have a class idea but aren't sure about the available rates and times, don't let that hold you back. We love brainstorming ways to make things work! 

Email Meghan at so she can create space for you.

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