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Check out our current and upcoming classes!

See our current and potential class listings! Signing up is easy. Just click on a class to find out how to reach the teacher.  All of our teachers manage their own enrollment, payments, and curriculum. This way, they can bring exactly what they love to you!


We have several classes listed as TBD. These are classes that teachers would LOVE to teach if enough students are interested! The best way to support teaching artists is to enroll early and let them know that you want to take their class! If you see a TBD class that sounds fun, let the teacher know so we can get it on the schedule asap! 


Preschool and Baby Classes

Elementary Classes

Teen/Adult Classes



YOGA classes

PRIVATE classes

When you click on a class, you'll be directed to the teaching artist's preferred booking method and email address. Reach out directly for more info!

See our class offerings in calendar form here

Want to take a class you don't see here? Reach out and we'll find a teacher! Wish you could teach, too? Let's chat! We'd love to find a way to make it happen.

We also love birthday parties and private events! Contact us to start planning something fun.

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