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Week of June 5: Dollhouse Camp

This SOLD OUT camp from last summer is BACK and better than ever!!   Reinvent your own custom-built wooden dollhouse into whatever your creative mind can come up with! A school? A dance studio? A glam mansion? A fire station? Create original furniture, textiles and decor from upcycled materials and deck out each of the 4 rooms from top to bottom! On the last day, artists will get to create their own miniatures and explore each other's structures during a "block party!"

This camp meets Monday thorugh Friday, June 5 through 9. The multi-day camp experience allows campers to complete their dollhouse and build community. Email Kaley at with questions and use the liink below to enroll in this and all our camps!

Ages 7 to 11.

7 to 11


June 5 - 9 from 1 to 4

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