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TBD: Natural Dye Series

Meghan would love to share her favorite thing - plant dyes and dye techniques - with you! Email to get on the list for this series coming in the spring. The class will start once plants are growing and enough students are interested.

In this class, we will explore fiber reactive dyes and plant dyes as well as dye techniques like shibori and batik resists. We'll consider the environmental impact of various dyes, explore historic dyes, and experiment with fugitive dyes, too.

Students will dye a series of cotton handkerchiefs that can be made into a banner, wall hanging, or top at the end of the series. We will also look at how dye colors look different on wool.

While the class will include a lot of information for interested students, the process will be very hands-on and fun! We'll use a variety of plants including walnut, onion skin, madder, goldenrod, marigold, and fresh leaf indigo! The class will include a visit to Meghan's dye garden and all materials.

Email today to stay updated on this class!

10 and up



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