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Parent/Child Painting

Email Meghan at for more info.  Pre-registration required, and you can sign up at any time.  Follow this link to enroll:

Email Meghan at for more info.  Pre-registration required.  

Follow this link to enroll:

This class is for little artists and their grownups to explore, paint, and meet new friends!

Each class starts with a little movement to get us ready to focus. Then, we'll read a story and watch a painting demo to learn how to use the tools. After that, the youngest artists will work on a painting with encouragement from their adults. Older artists will work side by side with their adults, each creating their own painting. This class meets in tandem with the dropoff preschool class. As artists learn and grow, we encourage them to try to work a little more independantly, too! For very young artists, parent participation is required.

The last 15 minutes of class will be unstructured playtime so that artists can have room to roam and adults can get a few precious moments chatting with other adults.

This class is best for preschool and toddler artists under 4. If your artist is older or younger, let us know! We are always up for trying new things on for size.

While this class is not strictly sequential, artists will really thrive if they come regularly and learn routines. 

Cost: $20/class Participants are welcome to pay for multiple sessions to ensure a seat in the class.



Tuesday 10:30 to 11:30

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