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Beginning Yoga

Pre-registration required. Email for more info and to enroll. The first class will be on 

This is a hybrid beginning yoga class--people may join on zoom or in person. This class is currently on-line but is open for people to come in person during this 4 weeks.

This adult class meets Fridays at 9 am. Barbara accepts love offerings in exchange for sharing her practice.

Barbara Anderson is a movement specialist currently teaching  classes in yoga (beginning through advanced levels)and the Feldenkrais Method of Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement.  Teaching people to move better has been her passion and profession for 35 years. Whether it is big active movement that builds fitness and strength or slow, small gentle movement that leads to increased body awareness and  deep release, she loves it all. She is partial to the  profound effects that slow, small and gentle movement can have in relieving pain and improving performance.


love offering (donation)

Fridays at 9 am

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